Monday, March 30, 2015

The 2015 Indian Fair and Market was a Huge Success!

The Heard Museum Guild's Annual Indian Market was a huge success this year. There were over 600 artists- many of whom the shop represents. 

 Within the shop Victoria Adams, Virgil Ortiz, Doug Hyde and Tony Abeyta were on hand to talk about their work and sell directly to fair guests. The shop was also thrilled to host, Bill Faust, Charles King and Terry Dewald. Bill Faust treated the shop by bringing one-of-a-kind works from legendary artist Charles Loloma, among other things. Charles King, an author, appraiser and pottery expert, also brought beautiful works of art and Terry DeWald brought amazing baskets from Tohono O'odham, Apache and west coast tribes. At Books & More, a huge turnout of authors signed their books and discussed the literature with fans. 

Even the set-up was eventful!

Before we could begin the Market festivities, the artists and Heard Museum Shop staff got busy setting up displays.  There wasn't a single idle hand, as everyone was hard at work!

Well...almost everyone!

Only kidding! Tony even brought his own hammer and nails.  Here he is hard at work.

Tony straightening out his painting to ensure everything looked right before the big weekend

Laura Cardinal and Jan Jones putting finishing touches on what would be a beautifully arranged Collector's Room! 

Finally, the Market had Begun! 

After working hard to get the shop ready, the artists were ready for the fun part- interacting with Heard Museum patrons!

The lovely Victoria Adams chatting with a fan

Terry DeWald and his stunning array of baskets

Virgil Ortiz standing in front of his, "Made in Native America" Pop Up Boutique

To meet the large request for vintage jewelry, the Heard Shop set up and supplied a vintage section!

Books & More was also full of excitement!

With so many authors in attendance, Books & More was a lively place to be!

Ken Lamberton, talking about his book “Chasing Arizona”

The authors seemed to enjoy themselves too!

Lance Polingyouma of Books & More speaks to interested patrons

It was a wonderful weekend and we are already looking forward to next year!    

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