Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lynn Bullock, Manager of Books and More

Books and More

Lynn Bullock is the guiding force behind our wonderful bookstore Books & More. Here is a little bit about her background and some of her recommendations for engaging summer reading.

About Lynn:
Lynn was born in Arlington, Virginia and grew up in Syracuse, New York. She returned to the Washington, DC area to attend George Washington University where she earned a B.A. in American Literature.

Lynn then spent the next 23 years in Washington, working for both the National Gallery of Art as a supervisor in their shop operations and for the Smithsonian, where she first managed the bookstore in the Museum of American History and then went on to become a buyer for Smithsonian Museum Shops.

She moved to Phoenix in 1991 after accepting the position of Bookstore Manager for the Heard Museum. Lynn has spent over twenty-one years building the book selection now found in the Heard’s Books & More, which opened in its new space in 2011.

Lynn's Book Picks for Spring/ Summer:

“1493” by Charles Mann
The “sequel” to Mann’s book “1491” depicts in detail the changes to both the Americas and the “old world” as a result of European contact. Biological, anthropological, ecological and economic changes, both bad and good, on BOTH sides of the Atlantic are discussed in this engaging narrative.

“A Perfect Red” by Amy Butler Greenfield
The truly epic story of cochineal, a brilliant red dye derived from the crushed skeletons of a tiny and very picky insect that only thrives on one particular species of cactus native to Mexico. Europeans went to dramatic, devious and sometimes ridiculous lengths in an attempt to bring cochineal to the elite of their societies; but the insects foiled them at almost every turn.

“Butterfly Moon” by Anita Endrezze
Beautifully written stories by an author who blends elements of her Yaqui and European ancestry with great skill. Elements of both folk tales and stories of contemporary life, sometimes with a bit of a sci-fi twist, combine to make great reading.

“The New Taste of Chocolate” by Maricel Presilla
This book combines the cultural and natural history of chocolate with great recipes for a winning combination.
---Call the shop at 602-251-0258 to order this book

“Desert Trader” by Carolyn O’Bagy Davis
The fascinating story of Goldie Tracy Richmond, who, with her husband, opened Tracy’s Trading Post on the Tohono O’Odham Indian Reservation in 1932. Although it was a hard life on the reservation, Goldie became a true friend and advocate for her Tohono O’Odham neighbors, both selling their baskets and other crafts in her trading post and finding outlets for them in Eastern markets. Goldie was also an artist herself. As a self-taught quilter, she created beautiful and amazingly detailed quilts depicting the plants, animals and people who surrounded her on the reservation.
---Call the shop at
602-251-0258 to order this book

“Southwest Art Defined” by Margaret Moore Booker
An invaluable reference book on Southwestern Native American and Hispanic art terms. Ever wonder exactly what a naja or a ketoh is or what the meaning of a fetish bundle might be? You’ll find the answer here.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Heard Museum Has A Signature CD!

Have You Heard Signature Museum CD

The Heard Museum, in partnership with Canyon Records has created a signature CD! This distinctive compilation of music provides a musical experience that reflects the diversity of cultures and expressions of Native people. This album demonstrates the Heard Museum's commitment to collect, preserve and present artists experiences in first-person voices.

Featured Artists/ Groups:
  • R. Carlos Nakai
  • Will Clipman
  • William Eaton
  • Anthony Wakeman and Aaron White
  • Radmilla Cody with Herman Cody
  • Tony Duncan
  • Joanne Shenandoah
  • Coyote Jump
  • LeeAnn Brady
  • Estun-Bah
  • Fawn Wood
  • Burning Sky
  • Robert Tree Cody
  • A. Paul Ortega
  • Keola Beamer
This exclusive CD is currently available in the shops and online in our Signature Items Category.
Retail is $15.00.
Special bonus: the Heard Museum Cafe's signature Posole recipe included inside!