Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Denise Wallace, Inuit Art and More for Indian Market!

The Heard Museum Indian Fair and Market is March 2-3 and not only will there be a lot going on around the grounds, the shop will be busy as well!

We are very excited to announce that Denise Wallace (Aleut) will be joining us in the shop this year for Indian Market! In addition, we will have a very special display of Inuit art for sale courtesy of Long Ago and Far Away who will be coming all the way from Vermont for the show. We will also have Terry Dewald back with his fabulous baskets, and vintage American Indian jewelry from Nancy Rose, owner of "The Good Stuff- Vintage America". Books and More will be hosting a wonderful group of authors as well.

All of our special guests will be selling their work in the shop for the Best of Show reception Friday night from 5.30- 9pm. Denise's daughter Dawn will also be selling her work in the shop that night. Special tickets for Best of Show are required for the evening. To purchase tickets for Best of Show and the fair, please visit the main museum website here.

Denise Wallace (Aleut) was born in 1957 in Seattle, Washington. She and her husband Samuel made jewelry together from 1982 until his death in April of 2010. The Wallaces moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1977 so Dawn could attend the Institute of American Indian Arts. After she graduated in 1982, they opened a jewelry studio together where they made work based on the imagery and legends of Denise’s Aleut heritage. They moved to Hawaii in 1999 where Denise and her family live today. Denise says of her work, “I hope to create pieces that speak to people… pieces that have a life of their own and become part of the world. I have always wanted the pieces to tell a story about our land, our people and some small song or story about the world we live in.”

Jewelry by Denise Wallace

Jewelry by Denise Wallace
Jewelry by Denise Wallace

Jewelry by Denise Wallace

This year, we are thrilled to be offering for sale ART FROM THE ARCTIC, a selection of unique Canadian Inuit Sculpture from Nunavut, Canada which will be featured within the Museum Gift Shop during the event. We would like to introduce you to the entire range of sculptural forms created by the Canadian Inuit, have you meet famed Inuit artist Igah Hainnu who will be onsite, and learn more about the Canadian Arctic from Tom Chapman, General Manager and Senior Inuit Art Advisor for the Nunavut Development Corporation. Obviously, this will be a wonderful time to start a new collection or add to an existing one.

We are pleased to present this show which is co-sponsored by the Nunavut Development Corporation, the Nunavut Arts & Crafts Association and the Heard Museum. 

 Terry Dewald is a member of the ATADA (Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association) and an expert in antique baskets. His collection is not to be missed for any collector of fine baskets. His specialties include: historic southwest and California basketry, historic Navajo blankets and rugs, Kachina dolls, Navajo bracelets, contemporary Tohono O'odham and Apache basketry.

Terry and his baskets at our 2011 Market

And last but not least, here is the author line-up for Books and More!



Teresa Bitler: “Backroads and Byways of Indian Country”
Margaret Moore Booker: “Southwest Art Defined”
Patrick Grady: “Out of the Ruins”

Laura Tohe: “Code Talker Stories”
S.D. Nelson: “Buffalo Bird Girl” 
Carolyn O’Bagy Davis: “Desert Trader”
Wayne Ranney: “Carving Grand Canyon”

Carolina Butler: “Oral History of the Yavapai”
Edwin Wade & Allan Cooke: “Canvas of Clay”
Paula Baxter: “Southwestern Indian Rings”, etc.


Edwin Wade & Allan Cooke: “Canvas of Clay”
Margaret Moore Booker: “Southwest Art Defined”
Kitty Leaken & Suzanne Deats: “Contemporary Native American Artists”
Bonus: the following artists from the book will sign on a rotating basis:
Jody Naranjo
Ed Archie NoiseCat
Jhane Myers NoiseCat
Fritz Casuse
Upton Ethelbah, Jr.
Joe & Althea Cajero
Penny Singer
Richard Aitson
Rhett Lynch

Laura Tohe: “Code Talker Stories”
Janet Taylor: “Healthy Southwest Table”

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