Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hopi Pottery at its Finest

Last fall Hopi potter Garrett Maho came in to the shop with an absolutely stunning piece. Needless to say it was snapped up quickly by one of our collectors. We are so proud to be able to represent such a talented artist and to share his work here as well. Garrett was born in 1976 and is a member of the Rabbit/ Tobacco Clan. He has been making pottery since 1996 and was taught by his grandmother Marilyn Mahle and his aunt Gloria Mahle.

Garrett Maho (Hopi)

The piece is made from hand dug and sifted clay, hand formed and traditionally fired. It came out just perfect. You can see how large the pot is. This size pot is very difficult to achieve. The failure rate is high for large pieces during the firing process.

The pot from the top. Garrett used traditional pigments
to draw the Kachina figures and line decoration

The pot from the side

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  1. We feel so fortunate to have pieces by Garrett. We met him in our travels to the reservation and absolutely adored him. We even have a picture of him firing pots. Meeting Garrett was one of our most treasured memories from our time there. My husband, Chris, and my Mom, Evelyn still talk about him with me. Garrett left quite an impression on our hearts.