Friday, November 30, 2012

Indigenous Visions

Our kick-off for Indigenous Visions had a great line-up of artists in the shop. We hosted fetish carvers Lena Boone and Debra and Dinah Gasper, the talented Susunkewa family who were showing their Kachina dolls and paintings, painters and brothers Donn Clark and Bill Dixon and jewelers Carl and Irene Clark, Tom Baldwin and James Peshlakai. They brought stunning work and were more than happy to share their stories with a very appreciative audience. We are so grateful to them for coming down and sharing their talent with us.

Bill Dixon (Navajo)

Donn Clark (Navajo)

James Peshlakai (Navajo), grandson of Peshlakai Etsitty

Dina Gasper and her Daughter Debra (Zuni)

Lena Boone (Zuni)

Tom Baldwin (Navajo)

Jewelry by Carl and Irene Clark (Navajo)

A closer view of Carl and Irene's amazing micro inlay jewelry

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