Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Heard Museum Guild Indian Market was a Wonderful Success!

This March 3 and 4th the Heard Museum Guild hosted the 54th Annual Indian Fair and Market with more than 700 artists in attendance and perfect weather! Here are some photo highlights.

Each morning started with the presentation of of the colors
by the First Nations Warrior Society

The Demonstration area

Angie and Joe Reano (Santo Domingo)

Daniel "Sunshine" Reeves (Navajo)

Daniel's lovely wife, weaver Michelle Laughing Reeves

Glenda McKay (Athabascan- Cook Inlet Region)
and her 2nd Place award in Diverse Art Forms

Nelson Tsosie (Navajo)

Brenda Spencer (Navajo)

Geneva Scott Shabi (Navajo)

Charlene Reano (Santo Domingo)

Veronica and Dylan Poblano (Zuni)

Jovanna Poblano's (Zuni) beautiful beadwork jewelry

Earrings by Shawn Bluejacket (Shawnee)

Market Competition Award winners Troy Sice (Zuni), right and Ray Tsalate (Zuni), left

Troy and Ray's award winning carvings!

The shop was bustling as well. In addition to our own great merchandise, we had 3 guest vendors: Art Quintana (vintage jewelry), Terry DeWald (antique baskets), and Steve Getzwiller (Navajo rugs).

Art Quintana

Terry DeWald

Terry had incredible baskets!

Steve Getzwiller- his rugs were on the wall and to the right on the racks

The shop was bustling!

The Berlin Gallery also hosted artists Sarah Sense (Chitimacha/Choctaw), Dough Hyde (Nez Perce/Assiniboine/Chippewa) and Jake Meders (Mechoopda Maidu)  during the Market

Jake Meders (Mechoopda Maidu)

Sarah Sense (Chitimacha/Choctaw)

Doug Hyde (Nez Perce/Assiniboine/Chippewa)

It was a wonderful weekend!

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