Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Heard Museum Guild Indian Market Highlights

The Heard Museum Guild's Annual Indian Market was a huge success this year. There were 700 artists and over 13,000 attendees who graced the museum grounds in picture perfect weather.  Many of the artists the shop represents were in attendance including: Steve LaRance and Marian Denipah, Jesse Monongye, Shawn Bluejacket, Alice Cling, Pat Pruitt, Horace Kayquoptewa, Manuel Weahkee, Claudia Peina, Todd Westika, Troy Sice, Ray Tsalate, Tino Youvella, Melissa Cody, Florence Manygoats and many, many others.  Here are some photo highlights:

Horace Kayquoptewa (Hopi)

Isaac Dial (Navajo) with his Best of Show entry

Manuel Weahkee (Zuni)

This young lady was working on a very fine rug at Michael Ornelas' booth

Ryan Singer (Navajo)

Christopher Nieto (Santo Domingo) with his award winning Best of Show entry

Claudia Peina (Zuni) with her award winning Best of Show entry

Don Clark (Navajo)

Alice Cling (Navajo)

And of course we were delighted to host Denise Wallace and Terry Dewald in the shop.  Denise brought her beautiful work and Terry brought amazing baskets from Tohono O'odham, Apache and west coast tribes. 

The ever gracious Denise Wallace (Aleut)

Terry Dewald holding a butterfly pattern basket

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