Thursday, January 13, 2011

Meet Sandra Day O'Connor and See Our Expansion!

It's a new year here at the Heard Museum Shops and we have a lot of exciting events and changes happening.  Our biggest news to date is that the Heard Museum is expanding the shop and cafe offerings by creating a new book store and coffee bar. It will be located just across the courtyard from the main shop. The book store will offer the same great selection of books, cards and other gift items and the main shop will be expanding our art displays.

To inaugurate the Grand Opening, the former Supreme Court Justice and long time Heard Museum patron, Sandra Day O'Connor will be here to sign her books. Justice O'Connor is the author of 4 books. Chico and Finding Susie are beautifully written and illustrated children's books based on her experiences as a child. The Lazy B recounts her childhood growing up on a working ranch in Arizona and in Majesty of the Law: Reflections of a Supreme Court Justice she writes about the law, her tenure on the Supreme Court and how the law is evolving. All books will be available in the new Books and More book store.

Please purchase your books before getting in line.  If you bring your own copies for Justice O'Connor to sign, please limit the number to no more than 4. We will not be able to accommodate photos with Justice O'Connor for this signing.  It slows down the line and tires her out too much. 
We thank you for keeping these considerations in mind. 

Justice O'Connor will be at the Heard Museum Book Store Saturday February 12 from 11am to 2pm.

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor
Books by Sandra Day O'Connor


  1. Is there any way to have books signed if we cannot attend in person on Saturday, the 12th

  2. Hello Maureen,

    If you cannot attend in person, you need to find a friend who can stand in line to get your book(s) signed for you.