Thursday, October 7, 2010

Billie and Betty Betoney

Billie and Betty Betoney

Detail of Billie's tie

Billie and Betty Betoney came into the shop last week and brought some new bracelets.  Betty grew up helping her mother make jewelry, which she said at the time she hated because all she wanted to do was play. After her mother's death many years later, Betty inherited all her tools and as a way to cope with her loss, she decided to try her hand at jewelry making again.  Her husband Billie was an accomplished artist in drawing and mural work and she decided to teach him jewelry making as well. As he put it, "She just told me I was going to learn how to make jewelry!" The process came very easily to him and for quite a while they both worked full time jobs and then came home and went into the studio for the evening. Betty said they would work until midnight many times because they were enjoying their work so much, even though they had to get up the next morning to go to their regular jobs. By the mid- 1980's they were making jewelry full time.  Betty says she doesn't do as much work now as she used to, that Billies does most of it now.  On top of the silversmithing, he also cuts all the stones.

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