Monday, August 2, 2010

Item of the Week

Daniel "Sunshine" Reeves was in a few weeks ago and brought a beautiful selection of silver seed pots.  He starts out with flat silver sheet, which he hand stamps to create unique designs on each pot.  No two are alike.  His precision is truly amazing.  Once the silver is stamped, he cuts the discs out and domes them (it takes 2 domed discs to make each seed pot, and yes- the bottoms are decorated just as intricately as the tops).  The domed edges are sanded until they are flat.  The two pieces are fit carefully together on their edges and soldered with silver solder.  The solder joint is filed and sanded until it is invisible then the entire piece is sanded and polished to a shine.  It's a lot of work!

We currently have these two online and more in the store. Click here to see all our seedpots.

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